Once upon a time in Napoli…

There is an old Italian song that goes, “We were four friends at the bar who wanted to change the world,” and this is precisely how the ‘Italian Radio Society’ came to life. In the damp and dreary streets of London, where the warmth of Italy felt like a distant dream, Elisa and her friends found solace in the comfort of her flat while playing vintage melodies. One fateful day, amidst the clinking of glasses, the bliss of good Italian food, and the echoes of those melodies, inspiration struck. “Let’s bring a piece of our Italian heritage to the world, let’s form a band”

Elisa Cipro's Italian Radio Society Italian Band in London

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“Moving to a new country alone came with its own challenges, and there were times I felt discouraged. Instead of giving up, I decided to form my own band. Finding Italian musicians who shared my love for vintage Italian music, like Renato Carosone’s songs, was hard. It took me two years of searching London’s music scene to find them but then all of the sudden all the pieces came together.” Read More

—Elisa Cipro

Elisa Cipro's Italian Radio Society Italian Band in London

Thus, fuelled by their shared love for pizza and the timeless classics and folk tunes of their homeland, these friends embarked on a mission to conquer the stages of London and beyond. With soul-stirring vocals, polished arrangements, the nostalgic strains of the mandolin, and the joyful rhythms of mambo and tarantella, they encapsulated the essence of Italy in every note they played.

From the rainy streets of London to the furthest reaches of the globe, they carried their music, spreading joy and warmth wherever they roamed. The spirit of Napoli lived on through the melodies of the band, bridging continents and cultures. With each performance, they brought a slice of home to the world, proving that music knows no bounds and that the sun of Napoli shines bright, no matter where you may roam.

Elisa Cipro's Italian Radio Society Italian Band in London

From Italy with love

Italian Radio Society is a musical journey back to the essence of Italian vintage tunes. Founded in 2023 in London by Italian singer and producer Elisa Cipro and other fellow Italian expat musicians, the band brings the flavors of la dolce vita to life, inviting the audience to dance to the timeless melodies of Italian classics. With a blend of jazz, swing, rockabilly and Southern Italian folk music they aim to transport listeners to an era of elegance and charm reminiscent of the ’50s, delivering an authentic sound with rich arrangements and the inclusion of original instruments like the mandolin. Get ready to sway, sing and groove to the rhythms of Italian romance and nostalgia. Italian Radio Society made its debut at The Mayfair Hotel in April 2023 and involves some of the best and most successful Italian musicians in the world. Today, it stands as a leading band in vintage Italian music entertainment, captivating audiences worldwide with its performances.

Elisa Cipro's Italian Radio Society Italian Band in London

Formation & Repertoire

With a 20 years of experience across all genres, we are a versatile multi-instrumentalists band with vibrant personalities and boundless energy. We can play as a duo, trio, or scale up to a 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8-piece band effortlessly in also in acoustic/roaming band style.

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